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Out-of-Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine

Vacuum Packing

Out-of-Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine

The Vollrath® Out-of-Chamber vacuum pack machines help you deliver superior results and extend the shelf life of stored food. These machines allow you to store food three to five times longer than you could with traditional methods, reducing food waste and keeping food items tasting fresh. These Out-of-Chamber vacuum pack machines pair with Out-of-Chamber bag types to quickly and easily vacuum seal any dry food products you don’t want to go to waste.

  • Ideal for use with fine powders such as ground coffee and finely ground spices
  • Not suited for use with liquids
  • Requires Out-of-Chamber bag type
  • 12 3/16-inch sealing bar creates a strong, long-lasting seal

The Vollrath Out-of-Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine Family