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Mirage® Cadet Countertop Induction Ranges

Induction Ranges

Mirage® Cadet Countertop Induction Ranges

The Vollrath® Mirage Cadet countertop induction ranges provide safe, high-efficiency heating with a gas-like performance that is perfect for all your light-duty needs. The impressive heat allows you to create consistently appetizing results every time, and the modern, sleek design adds a polished look to any countertop.

  • Designed for light-duty cooking applications such as buffets, demonstrations and catered events
  • G1 engine uses a single IGB switch to power the whole unit
  • Use with induction cookware only
  • 75 percent energy efficiency
  • 100 percent factory bench-tested for ultimate quality control

The Vollrath Mirage® Cadet Countertop Induction Ranges Family