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Sous Vide Immersion Circulators

Immersion Circulators

Sous Vide Immersion Circulators

The Vollrath® sous vide immersion circulators work efficiently to ensure consistent, repeatable results. These compact units cook unattended, saving you valuable space and time, and help reduce food waste. The immersion circulator complements the Vollrath in-chamber and out-of-chamber vacuum pack machines and Cayenne® charbroilers to provide a complete sous vide prep and cooking solution.

  • Easily cook a variety of foods including meats, eggs and vegetables
  • Cooks unattended, saving you time and effort
  • Cooks and holds food at safe temperatures
  • Two pump speeds increase versatility
  • Digital control head allows you to program up to three cooking settings at one time for repeatable results

The Vollrath Sous Vide Immersion Circulators Family