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Mirage® Induction Buffet Warmers - Product Video

Variety of breakfast buffet products
Chef Rich -

Perfect for banquets and catering, the Mirage® Induction Buffet Warmers allow you to maximize your menu offerings without maxing out your electrical capacity. Learn more in our product introduction video below with Chef Rich.

These low-wattage warmers can be interconnected to one electrical outlet, which simplifies the planning and management of power cords, access to outlets and load capacity. Connect up to three units together with an inter-connect cord and run only one power cord to an outlet on the wall. At 2.5 amps each, up to five units (at maximum power) can be plugged into a 15 amp circuit. Each unit comes with a power cord and inter-connect cord. For cords not in use, a convenient storage compartment is available underneath the warmer.


Available in both countertop and drop-in styles, these warmers offer a subtle, low-profile, attractive design that puts the focus on the food and compliments any decor. Countertop models are available in either black or natural finish. These induction warmers feature an easy one-button touch control with four power levels - low, medium, high and chafer preheat. LED indicator lights on both the control panel and glass top give you a quick and easy reference to which power setting the unit is currently set on.

These buffet warmers come equipped with the same safety features you have come to expect from Vollrath induction units, including over-heat protection, small-article detection, pan auto-detection function, and empty-pan shut off.

The Mirage® Induction Buffet Warmers are a great way to go flameless with your buffet. Using induction and other flameless products in your buffet set-up allow you to eliminate waste, save money, and increase safety and efficiency. 

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