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Meal Participation

A lesson in meal engagement

Here’s a homework assignment for school lunch programs across the country: Study up on the statistics of meal participation. Every day, American schools serve 30.4 million lunches and 13.6 million breakfasts. However, only about 55 percent of students are choosing “hot lunch.” The math simply doesn’t add up.

Capturing the attention of today’s students starts by adding Vollrath to the equation. Customizable equipment, appealing presentation and creative merchandising solutions can help reduce wait times, increase engagement and elevate the overall lunchroom experience.

With inviting, accommodating solutions like the Signature Server® Series, Vollrath can boost meal participation by presenting a variety of fresh, healthy, beautiful food that kids love.

Vollrath Product Solutions

Serving Systems

Take your cafeteria from stressful to streamlined with our customizable, cost-effective serving systems. Simply tell us your needs, budget and preference and we’ll serve up the perfect solution for you.

Food Display Options

Everyone loves a 2-for-1. Luckily, with our collection of food display products, that’s exactly what you get. Designed to cook and serve in the same reliable unit, these sleek products offer exceptional value, versatility and convenience.

Induction Soup Rethermalizers

Soup has never been more enticing. Our streamlined induction soup rethermalizers maintain perfect serving temperatures, maximize efficiency and simplify serving, so your students and your budget will thank you.

Frozen Treat Equipment

Our frozen treat equipment is sure to be the most exciting addition to your cafeteria. Designed to serve a wide variety of delicious frozen items, these versatile products are fun, easy to use, and guaranteed to please.

Meal Participation Articles

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