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Episode 39

Traditional Holiday Cheer

It’s a holiday celebration as world-renowned baker Chef Gale Gand joins Chef Rich and Justin on the show this week. The trio discusses keeping the holiday spirit alive at work, fruit cake, and more. Later, Chef Gale provides us with an exclusive holiday recipe you are sure to love.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Get Chef Gale's delicious spiced almond brittle recipe here.

Episode Notes

2:29 – The most notorious holiday food item 

2:54 – Fun fact about Rich 

6:02 – Chef Gale Gand is a rock star 

8:18 – Chef Gale joins the show 

9:45 – Our mutual friend Chef Jessica Dawson

12:17 – Running a virtual cooking school 

18:57 – Keeping the holiday spirit alive at work 

23:54 – Holiday Fast Five 

25:06 – Gale’s relationship with fruit cake 

32:26 – Kringle 

34:29 – An exclusive holiday recipe from Gale

39:06 – Avoiding mistakes when making brittle 

45:56 – Gale’s quote 

46:23 – Recap 

48:32 – Outro