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Episode 42

Thinking differently about delivery

The world of food delivery is booming. So how does a delivery service stand out from the crowd? Aaron Hoffman, co-founder and CEO of DeliverThat joins the show this week to give his point of view. Aaron discusses what it takes to be a true brand ambassador, gives tips for making sure your food is ready for delivery and, weighs-in on what it takes to give truly outstanding customer service.


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Episode Notes

1:45 – DeliverThat

3:33 – 3rd Party Delivery

8:51 – Businesses built from a Dorm Room 

10:22 – Aaron Hoffman Joins the Show

11:30 – $60 Cash & a Twitter Account 

15:44 – Transition to Catering Delivery

17:59 – Strategy for Expansion

20:02 – What Catering Delivery All Entails 

22:43 – The Importance of Delivery Bags

24:38 – COVID-19

27:52 – The Drivers

29:22 – Solutions to the Pitfalls of 3rd Party Delivery

32:45 – Delivery Lessons Learned

34:56 – Business Growth & Culture

42:39 – Partnership Mentality 

46:46 – What’s Next for Delivery

50:29 – Aaron’s Inspirational Quote

51:37 – Find DeliverThat On-line


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