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Episode 40

Thinking Critically About Nutrition

Proper food is the basis for a healthy life. This is especially true on college campuses. Carole Bartolotto, Nutrition Education Coordinator at UCLA, joins the show this week to discuss the ins and outs of nutrition. She sheds light on marketing healthy, environmentally-friendly foods, developing menus, and the importance of flavor. Carole also provides a deep dive into nutritional information that can benefit anyone seeking wellness.


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Episode Notes

1:57 – How COVID has impacted campus dining 

4:22 – The freshman 15 is real 

5:26 – How foodservice in schools has changed 

7:02 – Carole Bartolotto joins the show 

14:15 – Using climate change as a marketing tool 

16:45 – Nutritional trends on college campuses 

20:14 – Developing menus 

23:10 – How to go about offering indulgent foods 

26:27 – MCURC background 

29:11 – Collaborating with chefs 

34:49 – Learning more about food allergies 

41:44 – How Carole perceives her role 

43:22 – Making the most of COVID-related changes 

46:25 – Fish’s role in a healthy diet 

48:37 – Concepts to make eating healthy more exciting and affordable 

52:46 – Addressing salt 

56:03 – Tip for incorporating healthier ingredients in your menu 

58:43 – Carole’s inspirational quotes 

59:48 – Recap 

1:02:23 – Outro