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Episode 32

The Art of Restaurant Design

Designing a foodservice space is so much more than addressing the aesthetics, it’s also about designing for functionality. Raquel Weiss Fusco, Managing Director of Project Operations at elite | studio e in East Farmingdale, New York, visits the show to give tips for designing for COVID, keeping up with the latest trends, and more.


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Episode Notes

0:57 – Designing Foodservice Space

7:01 – Safe Spaces

10:12 - Raquel Weiss Fusco Joins the Show

10:56 – History of elite | studio e

13:54 – Design Process

16:24 – Designing for COVID

25:21 – Design Advice

28:48 – Quel’s Corner

31:43 – Teaching

37:39 – Total Foodservice

38:30 – Keeping up with Trends

42:45 – Raquel’s Inspirational Quote

44:39 – Find Raquel Online |