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Episode 3

Sanitation and the future of food safety

The NSF mark on your kitchen tools? It matters. Chef Rich and Justin talk about NSF’s role in food safety. Next, Chef Seth VanderLaan joins the show to discuss sanitation and the role it will play in the foodservice world post-COVID-19.


Learn more about Chef Seth and Heart of House Hospitality on Facebook, Twitter (@SethVanderLaan) and Instagram (@culinaryflightrisk). 

Read Chef Seth’s article on being proactive with cleanliness in your foodservice operation here:  

Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:37 – NSF: what is it?

4:17 – NSF and the law 

5:36 – How NSF relates to smallwares 

9:00 – Chef Seth VanderLaan joins the show

12:13 – How Chef Seth became interested in sustainability 

15:57 – Developing menus for Miller Park 

18:43 – Food safety in a stadium setting 

23:08 – Foodservice in a post-COVID world       

40:49 – Chef Seth’s inspirational quote