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Episode 74

Re-thinking Restaurants

Chef Erling Wu-Bower, partner at Underscore Hospitality Group in Chicago, Illinois, joins the show to discuss the challenges that come with opening restaurants.

Then, Chef Erling shares his feelings on the culture of tipping in restaurants and what needs to change moving forward.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

0:21 – Today is a special episode 

2:03 – Listening is important 

3:51 – Custom products 

7:02– The future of restaurants 

10:45 – Chef Erling Wu-Bower joins the show

11:09 – Chef Erling’s foodservice journey 

16:38 – Challenges that come with opening 

19:45 – The importance of adaptability 

23:40 – Cooking with your senses

26:16 – Common restaurant pitfalls

31:52 – Evaluating tipping 

49:15 – Labels and tent poles 

56:06 – Dining out as a chef 

57:42 – Staying on top of trends 

1:01:51 – Chef Erling’s mantras 

1:03:46 – A bit of reflection 

1:09:12 – Outro

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