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Episode 35

Quality bar service and hiring the right people

Many operators may not spend much time thinking about their bar service, but it’s an experience that seldom goes unnoticed. Sean Kenyon joins the show to discuss how he manages his award-winning bar at Williams & Graham in Denver, Colorado. He dives into the importance of quality and simplicity while giving a glimpse at the hire practices that make his establishment successful.


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Episode Notes

0:49 – Behind the Bar

2:19 – Introducing Sean Kenyon

3:41 – Bartending Skill Set

6:30 – Bar Food

13:12 – Favorite Drinks

17:09 – Sean Kenyon Joins the Show

19:59 – Sean’s Bar: Williams & Graham

21:27 – The Bar Lab

32:53 – Bone Marrow Luge

38:31 – Hiring Help

52:06 – Spirit Journey

59:11 – The Old Fashioned

1:05:57 – Thanksgiving Specialty Drink Recipe

1:11:52 – Sean’s Inspirational Quote

1:14:55 – Online Resources

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