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Episode 13

Partstown - 20 seconds of insane courage

Dan Hinchley, Vice President of Manufacturer Partnerships at Partstown shares his wisdom, humor, and insights into how and why they have become such an integral component to the foodservice industry.


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Episode Notes

2:17 – Partstown, go to the Pros

8:39 – Dan Hinchley Joins the Show

9:27 – Dan’s start at Partstown

12:17 – Growing Partstown

16:08 – Culture

17:30 – Why OEM Parts?

20:20 – Partstown Technology

23:45 – Growth Strategies

27:55 – Technical Service

30:18 – Service Stories

34:47 – Partstown Forecast

40:35 – Partnerships

42:36 – COVID-19

48:20 – Dan’s Inspirational Quote