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Episode 58

Marketing Your Restaurant

When done correctly, marketing can make a significant impact on the performance of your foodservice operation. Tad Low, President and Owner of Mustard Seed Marketing, joins Chef Rich and Justin to provide some food for thought on how foodservice operators can improve their marketing efforts.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:30 – Don’t miss any nuggets 

2:37 – Your restaurant has a digital presence 

4:43 – Tad Low joins the show 

5:12 – Tad’s foodservice journey 

13:07 – Tad’s jams 

14:58 – Marketing starts with the experience 

18:24 – Four walls, four blocks, four miles 

19:55 – Social Media marketing 

26:36 – Being about more than food 

31:24 – Where to start with messaging 

33:12 – Thinking about your brand 

38:56 – The resilience of the foodservice industry 

40:24 – The influence of restaurants 

43:34 – Marketing budget

48:15 – Most unique promotion Tad has seen 

50:48 – Tad’s inspirational quote 

52:31 – How to get in touch with Tad 

54:10 – Nate’s Notes 

57:00 – Outro