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Episode 38

Global foodservice design

Armand Iaia has seen a lot in his over three-decade run at Cini-Little International. He joins Chef Rich and Justin this week to discuss popular foodservice design concepts from around the world as well as offering his tips on how operators can avoid some common layout pitfalls.


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Episode Notes

1:37 – Design Consultants

6:16 – Armand Iaia Joins the Show

7:27 – Is the Design Working

11:44 – 35 Years in the Business

14:38 – Designing Overseas

19:41 – Keep it Flexible

20:38 – Covid-19

23:32 – Trends

27:34 – All in the Fine Print

33:32 – LEED Certified

40:36 – Dealing with Code

43:15 – 35 Yrs of Industry Changes & Cultural Effects

47:03 – Unique International Designs 

49:28 – Sous Vide

52:41 – Armand’s Inspirational Quote

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