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Episode 22

For Love, Not Money

Chef Gale Gand has pretty much climbed every culinary mountain out there. T.V. host, cooking for foreign dignitaries, Michelin star, James Beard award, the list goes on and on and she's not done. Join us as she shares a bit of her journey along with some pro tips and all-around insightful life advice.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

2:11 – Chef Gale Gand Introduction

3:52 – The Michelin Star

9:01 – Michelin Star Rating Criteria

11:17 – Customers and Reviews

16:48 – Chef Gale Gand Joins the Show

17:35 – Teaching during COVID-19

18:58 – Working in Television “Sweet Dreams”

26:15 – Life in the Limelight

29:09 – Receiving The Red M (Michelin Award)

32:46 – Baking with Julia Child

35:15 – Journey to becoming a Pastry Chef

42:35 – Baking Promotes Better Mental Health

45:48 – The Dish on Dishes

48:59 – Raising Chickens

54:53 – Gale’s Root beer

58:33 – Madagascar Vanilla

1:02:10 – Cooking at Home

1:06:36 – Must Have Equipment

1:11:22 – Always Say Yes

1:14:02 – Jessica Hits the Road

1:17:01 – Induction Love

1:19:28 – Gale’s Inspirational Quote