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Focusing on Food First

There is no denying COVID-19 has altered the way foodservice operations do business. College and university dining services are far from immune. Chef Joey Martin, senior executive chef at UCLA, joins the show this week to discuss how he and his team have navigated the pandemic, keeping focus on the food, menu development, adapting to the latest trends, and more.


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Episode Notes

1:01 – Large scale foodservice, College and University

6:16 – Chef Joey Martin joins the show

6:58 – COVID-19: from 32k meals a day to nothing

10:12 – Scaling back but still providing the best food possible

15:22 – Working with the UCLA Nutritionist

17:01 – Menus of Change

18:39 – Chef Joey’s journey to becoming a chef

24:53 – Work life balance

28:16 – Keeping up with the trends

29:52 – Creating and scaling up new menu items

34:14 – Interdisciplinary Collaborations

35:22 – Ramping back up

37:39 – Chef’s favorite menu items

41:23 – Coming out of COVID-19 a stronger team

43:09 – Chef Joey’s Inspirational Quote

44:12 – Find more information on Menus of Change


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