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Episode 68

Exploring the James Beard Foundation

Nearly everyone in the world of foodservice is familiar with the James Beard Award. But there is so much more to the James Beard Foundation than that. Kris Moon, president and COO at the James Beard Foundation, joins the show to discuss the foundation’s mission, the James Beard House, and defining culinary excellence.


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Episode Notes

0:51 – A different type of guest today 

2:49 – The ups and downs of winning major awards 

6:38 – Chef Rich’s connection to the James Beard House 

7:38 – Kris Moon joins the show 

8:04 – Background on the James Beard Foundation 

13:23 – Becoming the barometer 

17:15 – The evolving definition of excellence

21:01 – The James Beard Award nomination process 

24:09 – Programs and initiatives

32:51 – Kris’ winding path 

37:59 – Is the James Beard House haunted? 

41:08 – Managing winning a James Beard Award 

47:38 – The evolution of Kris’ palate 

51:27 – Kris’ inspirational quote 

53:11 – Nate’s Notes 

54:58 – Outro

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