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Episode 57

Elevating Local Cuisine

Chef Justin Carlisle is proud of his Wisconsin heritage. That’s why, as the owner of Ardent, Red Light Ramen, and The Laughing Taco, he strives to do his part to move Wisconsin cuisine forward and prove that you don’t have to visit a coast to enjoy fine dining. Hear from Chef Justin as he explains how his roots have shaped his cooking style and outlook on food.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:03 – We enjoy recording this show 

2:15 – Don’t be afraid to reach out to us

3:22 – The themes in chefs’ origin stories 

7:01 – The pros and cons of Wisconsin 

9:40 – Chef Justin Carlisle joins the show 

10:23 – Chef Justin’s culinary journey 

16:25 – Foodservice lifestyle 

19:33 – Growing up on a farm 

22:28 – The finer points of supper clubs 

28:27 – Moving Wisconsin cuisine forward

38:55 – Where Chef Justin’s focus on organic and local came from

42:09 – Surprising local ingredients 

46:07 – Equipment in Chef Justin’s kitchen 

47:32 – Cooking techniques to accentuate flavor profiles

49:24 – Finding food providers you trust 

53:52 – The noticeable difference of quality 

55:19 – Advice for those getting started 

1:01:55 – Chef Justin’s inspirational quote 

1:05:28 – Connect with Chef Justin 

1:06:53 – Nate’s notes 

1:09:49 – Outro