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Episode 56

Educating Students About Food

Chef Jason Hull is the Executive Chef and Co-Director of the Culinary Farm at Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera, California. He joins Chef Rich and Justin to give a glimpse of the inner-workings of his K-8 school foodservice program and showcase how he and his staff take an educational approach to school nutrition.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:41 – Our guests are experts 

3:19 – K-12 foodservice has come a long way 

5:41 – Chef Jason Hull joins the show 

6:32 – Chef Jason’s journey 

15:17 – Background on foodservice at Marin Country Day School

17:50 – Teaching students about food 

23:23 – The role of budget 

26:36 – Steps other schools can take 

34:04 – Accommodating food allergies 

37:29 – The food curriculum 

41:17 – Reaching out to picky eaters 

44:00 – Portion control 

48:19 – The next best thing to organic 

51:25 – The role of sustainability 

56:52 – Chef Jason’s inspirational quote 

58:17 – Resources for learning more 

1:01:50 – Nate’s recap 

1:06:54 – Outro