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Episode 62

Dissecting College Dining

Chefs at colleges and universities have a lot to consider. From maintaining a strong culture to procuring the right equipment and ingredients, there are many things that play into consistently creating a quality dining experience.

Chef Richard Hetzler, District Chef for Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services, joins the show to discuss the things he evaluates in his role in George Washington University’s dining program. He shares his thoughts on working for a foodservice support provider, go-to equipment, addressing staffing shortages, building relationships, and more.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:21 – We love having chefs on the show 

4:50 – There is a lot to evaluate in a new position 

6:03 – Chef Rich’s go-to equipment 

7:57 – The benefits of humble beginnings 

11:01 – Chef Richard Hetzler joins the show 

11:51 – Working for a foodservice support provider 

18:03 – Chef Richard’s go-to pieces of equipment 

19:27 – Vacuum sealers 

21:17 – Equipment to address staffing challenges 

24:19 – Biggest challenges of students returning to campus 

27:18 – Attracting new talent 

29:37 – Creating buy-in and establishing trust 

31:10 – Chef Richard’s time in the kitchen 

33:11 – Working through the design process 

36:40 – Considering nutrition 

38:16 – Sourcing ingredients 

39:57 – Utilizing blue catfish 

45:53 – Chef Richard’s foodservice journey 

50:53 – Points of pride 

53:57 – Chef Richard’s inspirational quote 

55:35 – Nate’s Notes 

58:46 – Outro