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Episode 72

Delivery Disruptor

Chris Baggott has foodservice and delivery down to a science. As co-founder and CEO of ClusterTruck, he has dialed-in the timing of his processes to create a vertically integrated foodservice operation that isn’t reliant upon third-party delivery services. Chris shares his thoughts on using data and planning to provide quality food in a timely and reliable way.


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Episode Notes

1:12 – Stay tuned for Nate’s recap

4:07 – Background on Chris Baggott

5:31 – Chris Baggott joins the show

6:04 – Chris’ foodservice journey

10:02 – The origin of ClusterTruck

14:24 – Expectations of quality

18:01 – Finding the right drivers

22:47 – Addressing freshness

27:29 – Organizing the kitchen

30:44 – Human-plus technology

33:45 – Creating the best kitchen

34:55 – Robots

36:49 – Delivery drivers and ghost kitchens

41:22 – Third-party delivery

43:16 – Naming the business

46:02 – Making the math and menu work

56:18 – Chris’ inspirational quote

59:06 – Nate’s Notes

1:03:41 – Outro