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Episode 21

Comfort Not Just Food

Chef Angus An is a wizard. Or at least a time traveler, because it has yet to be seen how he has managed to conjure a couple of extra hours out of the day to be able to create all that he does. We take a look at how Chef An utilizes his diverse skill set to balance his prolific list of professional endeavors.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:20 – Listen to Episode 17, if you haven’t! 

3:19 – The importance of organization in the kitchen 

5:39 – Chef Angus An’s credentials 

7:20 – History of the James Beard House 

8:58 – Chef Angus restaurant rundown 

10:39 – Chef Angus joins the show! 

11:28 – Angus’ new cookbook 

12:26 – Navigating COVID with several restaurants 

20:52 -- Travels to Thailand and influence on menus 

22:10 – Angus’ introduction to Thai food

25:36 – The art of layering flavors 

29:22 – Constructing recipes for a cookbook 

37:05 – Managing staff across multiple restaurants 

41:55 – Experience with consulting 

43:44 – Angus’ experiences cooking at the James Beard House 

47:38 – Learnings from the 2008 recession 

52:41 – Angus’ favorite dishes 

55:37 – Angus’ least favorite dishes 

57:43 – Inspirational quote 

58:43 – Outro