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Episode 54

All Things Uber Eats

This week, Chef Rich and Justin are joined by Meghan Musbach, Director and General Manager at Uber. Meghan gives us a look at what it takes to run a successful third-party delivery service. She gives us her insights on delivery technology and COVID’s impact on the industry, while also weighing-in on delivery trends and best practices.

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Episode Notes

1:24 – About our guest, Meghan Musbach, and 3rd Party Delivery

8:56 – Meghan Musbach, Director and General Manager at Uber, Joins the Show

9:25 – Meghan’s Career Path to Uber

13:06 – Delivery Technology

16:21 – COVID-19 and Contactless Delivery

21:53 – Uber App + Trends from the Past Year

29:49 – Determining Delivery Radius

33:01 – Uber Drivers

43:52 – Up + Coming at UberEats

47:57 – Meghan’s Inspirational Quote

50:12 – Nate’s Recap