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Flatware Washing System

Flatware washing systems

Flatware Washing System

Cleaning flatware is an easy task with the Vollrath® flatware washing systems. The thoughtful design improves sanitation by reducing the amount of employee contact required while ensuring shiny, like-new results. Each system comes with soaking tubs, flatware racks, open racks, and plastic cylinders, providing everything you need to begin washing your flatware with efficiency and ease.

  • Thoughtful design reduces the amount of employee contact for improved sanitation
  • Each system includes three soak tubs (Vollrath item number 1390), six flatware racks (Vollrath item number 52804), three open racks (Vollrath item number 52802) and eight white plastic cylinders (Vollrath item number 52643)
  • Made in the USA

The Vollrath Flatware Washing System Family