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8-Compartment Flatware Basket

Flatware washing systems

8-Compartment Flatware Basket

Get shiny flatware and reduce cleaning time with the Vollrath® 8-compartment flatware baskets. Two baskets fit in a full-size open rack, saving valuable space in your washing machine and reducing the number of cycles required to clean all of your flatware. The open top, perforated sides and vertical design ensure better cleaning and faster drying, providing consistent results you’ll be proud of.

  • Eight compartments fit large amounts of flatware at once
  • Two baskets fit in full-size open rack
  • Perforated sides and vertical design ensure superior cleaning and faster drying
  • Baskets nest within their families for compact storage
  • NSF-certified for food contact

The Vollrath 8-Compartment Flatware Basket Family