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Bus Boxes

Bus boxes

Bus Boxes

Nearly every establishment needs bus boxes they can rely on, as they are staples of the cleaning process in most restaurants, cafés, diners, fast-food establishments and more. Whether you need to transport dirty dishes to the kitchen or simply hold them until they can be washed, the durable Vollrath® bus boxes are an excellent solution. These bus boxes come in a wide range of sizes, designs and colors, allowing you to easily select the one that’s right for you.

  • Vollrath item numbers 1527-XX and 1527B-XX are not available in beige (32)
  • Approved for temperatures between -30°F and 180°F
  • High-density polyethylene material lasts for years
  • Stacking lugs prevent boxes from sticking together and shorten drying times
  • Vollrath item numbers 1527B-XX and 1521B-XX are bulk items and case lots will not be broken

The Vollrath Bus Boxes Family