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Sheet Pan Adaptor Plates

Steam table adaptors

Sheet Pan Adaptor Plates

Warm a variety of foods, like appetizers and pizza, with moist or dry heat with these 300-Series stainless steel adaptor plates. The plates accommodate full-size sheet pans and fit over two hot wells in the Vollrath® Signature Server® station or two drop-in hot wells. They hold both open-bead and closed-bead sheet pans of any gauge.

  • Durable 300-Series stainless steel
  • Accommodates full-size sheet pans and fits over two hot wells
  • Designed to hold open- and closed-bead sheet pans
  • Allows food to be warmed by moist or dry heat
  • Ideal for serving flatbreads, pizza and appetizers

The Vollrath Adaptor Plate - Sheet Pan Family