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Stainless Steel Super Pan® Transport Pans

Stainless steel steam table pans

Stainless Steel Super Pan® Transport Pans

In the foodservice business, getting your food to the serving destination hot and fresh is the key to success. That’s why these transport pans are a wise investment. Ideal for transporting and storing food, they have an easy grip and a stepped shoulder that ensure a tight fit to help maintain freshness and prevent spills. When you stack them for storage, the antijam feature ensures that you can easily separate and lift the pans.

  • Crafted from heavy-duty 20-gauge 300-Series stainless steel
  • Antijamming design
  • Flat edge resists bending and provides sturdy grip
  • These pans securely stack to reduce slipping during transport

The Vollrath Super Pan® Transport Pans Family