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Stainless Steel Super Pan 3® Steam Table Pans

Stainless steel steam table pans

Stainless Steel Super Pan 3® Steam Table Pans

Bring practical efficiency and good looks to your buffet with durable steam table pans. They’re designed to prevent steam loss for increased efficiency, and their strong, reinforced spout-shaped corners make it easy to pour and scoop food. These EN631-1-compliant pans feature a patented angled ramp so pans don’t get stuck together when stacked, and the integral frame adds a touch of elegance to your food presentation.

  • Flattened pan edges prevent bending and provide a wider grasp when removing
  • Sturdy 22-gauge 300-Series stainless steel
  • EN631-1 compliant for worldwide use
  • Antijamming lugs and reinforced spout-shaped corners

The Vollrath Super Pan 3® Stainless Steel - Steam Table Pans Family