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One-Piece Heavy-Duty Spoodle® Utensil

Spoodle Utensils

One-Piece Heavy-Duty Spoodle® Utensil

These Spoodle utensils feature round or oval bowls and a built-in stopper notch that prevents them from sliding into food products. With a durable and sanitary one-piece design, these Spoodle utensils have patented high-temperature handles that are heat-resistant to 450°F (232°C) and are made with all-natural antimicrobial properties. Capacities are clearly stamped on the shaft, which help you serve consistent, accurate portions. The color-coded Spoodle utensils allow you to adhere to a color-coded system in your kitchen.

  • One-piece construction is durable and sanitary
  • Textured handle surface prevents slippage while in use
  • Capacities clearly stamped on shaft for easy size identification
  • High-temperature patented nylon handle is heat-resistant to 450°F (232°C)

The Vollrath One-Piece Heavy-Duty Spoodle® Utensil Family