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Food Preparation Brushes

Specialty utensil

Food Preparation Brushes

Basting, brushing pastry, cleaning, for every task we have a brush — from basting brushes for a tender, juicy pork loin to pastry brushes for spreading butter on the crust of breads. Choose from a selection of job-specific brushes with round or flat boar bristles, Teflon bristles or nylon fibers. The wooden handles are durable and comfortable, and these brushes are designed to perform well and last long.

  • Pastry brushes have boar bristles
  • Fryer brushes have Teflon bristles
  • Creamer/percolator brush has nylon fibers
  • Creamer/percolator brush resists heat up to 500°F (260°C)

The Vollrath Food Preparation Brushes Family