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Stainless Steel Piano Whips

Spatulas, Softspoons & Whips

Stainless Steel Piano Whips

These piano whips are a great all-around tool for whipping, blending and beating everything from egg whites to pancake batter. The round shape provides good coverage in round bowls and cooking vessels. The fine wires, ideal for mixing or adding air to thinner food products, are reinforced by a center wire, so no matter how vigorously you whip, they won’t bend, twist or deform. Integral nubs on the handle ensure a safe grip and controlled whipping.

  • Handle nubs provide a sure grip
  • Fine wires are ideal for mixing or aerating thinner food products
  • Stainless steel wires resist corrosion and rusting
  • One-piece stainless steel handle
  • Center reinforcement wire eliminates bending, twisting and deforming

The Vollrath Stainless Steel Piano Whips Family