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Nylon Handle Piano Whips

Spatulas, Softspoons & Whips

Nylon Handle Piano Whips

When you need to add air into liquids — think whipped cream or egg whites — these piano whips have the fine wires to easily get the job done. The ergonomic nylon handle features comfortable grip nubs and a knob end to keep it secure in your hand. No need to worry about trapped bacteria, since the one-piece handle is completely sealed. The stainless steel wires are reinforced by a center wire so no matter how vigorously you whip, they won’t bend, twist or deform.

  • Ergonomic, comfortable grip
  • Completely sealed handle has no crevices to collect food or bacteria
  • Handle is heat-resistant up to 475°F
  • Center reinforcement wire eliminates bending, twisting and deforming
  • Fine wires are ideal for mixing or aerating thinner food products

The Vollrath Nylon Handle Piano Whips Family