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One-Sided Countertop Napkin Dispenser

Napkin Dispensers

One-Sided Countertop Napkin Dispenser

Providing access to napkins is a foodservice necessity, and the Vollrath® one-sided countertop napkin dispensers are easy to use, thoughtfully designed and promise years of reliable service. The overload protection feature prevents tearing, helping to reduce waste, and the sleek design looks great in your fast-food restaurant, café, diner or any other high-volume establishment.

  • Easy-to-load dispensers hold large amounts of napkins
  • Durable heavy-gauge metal housing and plastic faceplates are built for years of use
  • Overload protection feature prevents tearing
  • Stainless steel has 30 percent surcharge

The Vollrath One-Sided Countertop Napkin Dispenser Family