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Vertical Countertop Condiment Cabinets

Countertop Dispensers & Organizers

Vertical Countertop Condiment Cabinets

High-volume self-service stations need condiment cabinets with large storage capacities, and the Vollrath® vertical countertop condiment cabinets provide exactly that. Clear faceplates ensure excellent product visibility and prevent condiments from falling out. The vertical design maximizes counter space, making these cabinets a perfect option for your fast-food restaurant, café, diner or other high-traffic operation.

  • Vertical design saves counter space
  • Durable exterior is built for years of service
  • Clear faceplates provide product visibility and prevent them from falling out
  • Deep pockets provide plenty of storage room, eliminating the need for constant refills

The Vollrath Vertical Countertop Condiment Cabinets Family