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Wear-Ever® Shallow-Style Sauce Pans

Wear-Ever® Cookware

Wear-Ever® Shallow-Style Sauce Pans

The straight sides and wide-diameter bottom of these sauce pans generates optimal heat conduction that’s perfect for creating full-favored sauces and soups and simmering liquid recipes. The heavy-duty aluminum with double-thick bottoms and top edges, plus a permanently riveted-on handle, means this pans will provide years of durable use in your commercial kitchen.

  • Double-thick top edges and bottoms for maximum wear
  • Ideal for making sauces, soups and for simmering and boiling foods in liquids
  • Riveted-on handle ensures a lasting, secure connection
  • Constructed of dent-resistant 3004 aluminum alloy

The Vollrath Wear-Ever® Shallow-Style Sauce Pans Family