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Wear-Ever® Classic™ Aluminum Sauce Pots

Wear-Ever® Cookware

Wear-Ever® Classic™ Aluminum Sauce Pots

Essential multipurpose equipment for every busy commercial kitchen, these reliable sauce pots are ideal for cooking hearty sauces, soups and stews. The wide diameter and lower sides provide ample room for stirring and conduct heat evenly for consistent cooking results. These pots also feature an easy-to-clean beadless rim and sturdy welded-on loop handles for easy transport and pouring, plus the smooth surface of the pans makes cleanup a breeze.

  • Standard gauge impact-resistant energy-efficient 3004 aluminum
  • Heat is spread evenly along base and sidewalls
  • Double-thick rims remain round for a better cover fit
  • Double-thick bottoms resist denting
  • Beadless rims for easy cleaning

The Vollrath Wear-Ever® Classic™ Aluminum Sauce Pots Family