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Tribute® Sauté Pans

Tribute® Cookware

Tribute® Sauté Pans

These high-performance sauté pans offer versatile cooking in commercial kitchen because they heat evenly without hotspots. The tall sides minimize spattering and the TriVent® ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and stays cool. These pans boast tri-ply construction that maintains its shape under constant commercial use.

  • TriVent silicone handle has a unique ergonomic design that reduces fatigue
  • Handles are rated at 450°F (232°C) for stovetop or oven use
  • 8-gauge 18-8 grade stainless steel interior with 18-0 stainless exterior
  • 3004 aluminum core provides even heat on bottom and sides
  • Handles secured with EverTite® riveting system

The Vollrath Tribute® Sauté Pans Family