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Serving Systems

4-Series Front of House Serving Systems

4-Series front-of-house serving systems — formerly known as Signature Server® — offer modular designs that fit several sizes, shapes, and material options to add style and “curve” appeal to your foodservice operation. While they are not completely customizable, they do offer custom fabrication and some modification including storage, countertops with different drop-in combinations, and fill faucets.

Choose Your Base Configuration

Modular designs are great solutions for any location that requires flexibility, including K-12, convention centers, stadiums, hotels, B & I, and arenas. Choose from one of our curved, rectangular, or standard stainless steel unibody bases.

Rectangular Base

The go-to option for any application, from hot and cold bars to beverage counters, entree carts, cashier stations, and more.

Determine Décor Color and Texture

With a wide selection of décor elements and material options from standard laminates to textured finishes and standard stainless steel, Vollrath can design and build a unit that is perfect for your foodservice operation.



Laminate is available from a variety of manufacturers and in different color options. Choose from solid or textured.



UV-protected vinyl offers the best flexibility in design allowing you to extend your brand and mix with other décor features.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

All 4-Series base units come standard with 18-gauge stainless steel countertops and black laminate bases.

Define Your Countertops

Get the look you want with a wide range of countertop materials designed to fit your durability requirements and budget. Our industrial design team will help you through the tough decisions to make sure your finished project exceeds your expectations. Things we will consider: scratch and stain resistance, heat resistance, porosity, repairability, and more.

Laminate Detail


Choose from a variety of manufacturer and color options. Laminate is applied to a 1½” substrate to create a simple counter.

Stainless Steel Detail

Stainless Steel

Available in a variety of gauges with several edge detail options, stainless steel countertops are our most durable option.

Acrylic Solid Surface

Acrylic Solid Surface

Choose from a variety of manufacturer and color options. Our acrylic is ½” thick applied to a 1” substrate with a variety of edge detail options.

Select Your Breath Guards

An artful combination of form, function, and food presentation, Vollrath’s line of breath guards effectively provides a stylish barrier between the customer and the prepared food in order to prevent potential contamination and maintain a healthy environment for both customers and the foodservice staff.

Specify Electrical & Plumbing Needs

During the research and development stage, our team will determine your specific electrical needs to create a custom solution.

Electrical Needs


Our on-site electricians get you up and running easily with UL-listed single-point connections ranging from 15 to 100 AMP 3-phase service.

Add Your Accessories

Optional accessories such as storage modules, false bottoms, plate rests, and more create a unique buffet presentation.

Plate Rests

Plate rests add 7” of width to your serving system and are removable without tools for easy transport.

Tray Slides

Tray slides add 12” of width to your serving system and are removable without tools for easy transport.

Cutting Boards

Perfect for the chef working at the serving system, a cutting board adds 8” of width and can easily fold down when not in use.

Other Customizable Products

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