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Serving Systems

4-Series Back-of-House

4-Series back-of-house stainless steel worktables offer pre-designed configurations that fit several sizes, shapes, and material options to add flexibility to your foodservice operation. While they are not completely customizable, they do offer custom fabrication and some modifications including shelving, sinks, cabinets and backsplash.

Choose Your Base Configuration

The first step in creating your perfect back of house work station is selecting the configuration of your base. Choose either an open base, enclosed base, or open base with sink.

Choose the length and depth of the work station

Now it’s time to consider size. Each unit is available in lengths, in 12-inch increments, between 36 and 144 inches. Choose from 24-, 30-, or 36-inch depths.

Choose the Countertop Gauge

Enjoy the durability and visual appeal of stainless steel with your choice of heavy-duty 14- or standard 16-gauge countertop options.


Durable 14-gauge heavy-duty stainless steel is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

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