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SerVue™ Touchless Refrigerated Slide-In

SerVue Touchless Slide-In Units

SerVue™ Touchless Refrigerated Slide-In

The freshest idea in food bars, the SerVue™ touchless refrigerated slide-in combines artful presentation with easy, interactive dispensing. Create a streamlined experience with innovative touchless proximity sensors that automatically dispense perfect portions without touching a utensil. Food safety is made simple with self-contained refrigerated canisters for lasting freshness and reduced waste. With a menu of made-to-order configurations, SerVue™ serves up cool, customizable convenience.

  • Re-imagined design highlights ingredients’ freshness and aesthetics
  • Easy self-serve dispensing creates a clean, streamlined experience
  • Touchless proximity sensors automatically dispense ideal portions
  • Refrigerated canisters keep food fresh and safe to reduce waste

The Vollrath SerVue Refrigerated Slide-In Family