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6-Series Velocity Adjustable Breath Guards

Breath Guards

6-Series Velocity Adjustable Breath Guards

The Velocity Breath Guard is a simple push-button mechanism allowing one person to raise and lower a moveable tempered glass panel to full serve, self-serve, or cleaning positions. The Velocity adjustable breath guard incorporates features to help control rotation of the tempered glass panels again allowing for a single finger operation. The angled positions are pre-set to NSF regulations that eliminate measuring. No need to dismantle to adjust or clean, allowing for quick turnarounds for different serving situations.

  • 3/8-inch tempered glass panel is easily adjusted by one person, saving time and labor
  • Locks into eight different positions to accommodate full-serve, self-serve and cleaning situations
  • Eight-position mechanism allows for consistent spacing and appearance across units and serving lines
  • Visual indicator when breath guard is locked in NSF position eliminates the need for measuring
  • 11-gauge stainless steel tubing for added durability and rigidity

The Vollrath 6-Series Velocity Adjustable Breath Guards Family