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Cayenne® Nitro™ Power Rethermalizer

Warmers & rethermalizers

Cayenne® Nitro™ Power Rethermalizer

Quickly bring chilled food to ideal serving temperatures with the Vollrath® Cayenne Nitro power rethermalizer. This rethermalizer is incredibly efficient, thanks to the direct contact heating system, and heats cold foods to a safe serving temperature of 150°F or higher in less than 90 minutes. Designed to last for years, this durable, powerful rethermalizer is ideal for any kitchen that requires outstanding performance.

  • Safely and quickly rethermalizes a wide range of food items
  • 3000-Series stainless steel well is built for years of service
  • NSF 4-listed when using moist heat
  • High-efficiency 1440-watt element operates on a 15-amp circuit
  • Adjustable feet maintain stability on any countertop

The Vollrath Cayenne® Nitro™ Power Rethermalizer Family