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King Kutter™

Manual Food Processors

King Kutter™

The Vollrath® KingKutter is a versatile tool that allows you to shred, string, crinkle-cut, julienne, grate and slice with ease. This portable cutter has a suction cup or clamp base that enables it to be moved as many times as you need, and the stainless steel cutting drums can be easily swapped out at any time to change the cut style. The sleek, sturdy design ensures simple operation, allowing anyone to prepare a wide variety of inspiring dishes.

  • Shred, string, crinkle-cut, julienne, grate and slice a wide variety of foods
  • Easy manual operation ensures anyone can use it
  • Precise stainless steel edge easily and quickly creates clean cuts
  • Suction base or clamp base units available
  • Easily swap out cones to quickly change cutting style

The Vollrath King Kutter™ Family