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InstaBloom® II Onion Cutter

Manual Food Processors

InstaBloom® II Onion Cutter

Create a perfect blooming onion every time with the Vollrath® InstaBloom II onion cutter. Now with an adapter to help you cut small onions, this onion cutter is more versatile than ever. The sharp blades easily cut onions of any size into consistent pieces every time. This sturdy countertop unit requires only one simple stroke of the handle to create beautiful, high-quality results that are sure to satisfy.

  • Effortlessly cuts an onion into consistent pieces
  • Strong, durable blades provide quick, clean cuts
  • Ergonomic, spring-loaded handle for ease of use
  • Sled legs maintain stability
  • Compact design saves you valuable space

The Vollrath InstaBloom® II Onion Cutter Family