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EaziClean® Can Openers

Can Openers

EaziClean® Can Openers

The Vollrath® can openers save time and energy while ensuring food safety. The EaziClean™ blades have an antibacterial coating that creates a clean, safe cut to prevent hazardous metal shavings, maintaining food quality and safety. Whether you need to open canned vegetables, savory sauces or something else, the simple assembly, ergonomic design and easy cleaning make these can openers the perfect choice for any kitchen.

  • Opens cans up to 14 inches tall
  • EaziClean blades have an antibacterial coating for increased safety
  • High-grade-steel cutting mechanism creates a clean cut that prevents metal shavings
  • Wheels are made from gear-cutting-grade steel and can withstand intense pressure
  • Durable stainless steel base and base clamp are built to last

The Vollrath EaziClean® Can Openers Family