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Induction Fajita Skillet Heaters

Induction Ranges

Induction Fajita Skillet Heaters

The Vollrath® Mirage fajita heater induction ranges create a satisfying sizzle for your fajitas. The preprogrammed temperature setting keeps things simple and promises delicious, high-quality results every time. Simply plate your cooked food and add oil or water to create the appetizing, desired effect.

  • Designed to create the perfect sizzle for your fajita dishes
  • Digital, one-touch controls are easy to use
  • Hot-surface warnings, small article detection, and empty pan auto-shutoff safety features extend the life of the unit
  • Ranges will work with the two standard fajita pan styles and will heat room-temperature pans to proper sizzle temperatures*
  • Fit pans with a bottom diameter of 10¼ inches or less

The Vollrath Mirage® 1800 Watt Fajita Heater Induction Ranges Family