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Cayenne® HD Induction Ranges

Induction Ranges

Cayenne® HD Induction Ranges

The Vollrath® heavy-duty Cayenne® dual-hob induction ranges are designed specifically for commercial kitchens, thanks to their excellent energy efficiency, fast response times and precise temperature control. The high-temperature abilities create delicious entrées and sides, while the sensitive, low-end temperature control warms delicate sauces, milks and chocolates to perfection every time.

  • Designed for both low-temperature cooking of sauces, milks and chocolates, and fast, high-temperature cooking of entrées and sides
  • Durable stainless steel body is built to last
  • Powerful induction ensures accurate heating
  • Induction range has no open flame, increasing cooking safety
  • Available with digital or manual controls

The Vollrath Cayenne® HD Induction Ranges Family