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Convertible Conveyor Toasters

Conveyor Toasters

Convertible Conveyor Toasters

The Vollrath® convertible toasters easily and efficiently convert from a standard toaster to a pass-through toaster, doubling their capabilities and increasing versatility. The variable-speed and heat controls create beautiful golden brown toast and bubbling melted cheese. Forced convection ensures consistently delicious results, and the powerful heating elements respond quickly, allowing you to keep up with demand. Designed not only for bread, buns and bagels, but also sandwich toasting and cheese melting, this versatile toaster is ideal for any breakfast buffet, sandwich shop or restaurant.

  • Quick, easy conversion between standard and pass-through toasting, allowing you to toast bread and bagels as well as toast sandwiches and melt cheese
  • Variable-speed control and variable top and bottom heat controls help you achieve desired results
  • Forced convection ensures even toasting
  • Quartz heating elements respond quickly and save energy
  • Durable stainless and aluminized steel is built to last

The Vollrath Convertible Toasters Family